Balm Grove Dam Removal

Conceptual renderings that show possible views when the dam is removed and restoration continues.

Wapato summer final at bridge.jpg

Wapato Lake 

Using visuals to show how the trail around Wapato Lake could be used for maintenance access as well as creating a spot for the community to access nature.

Small Yard.png

Design Work

Visuals are a great communication tool for any project. If you have a project that could benefit from the addition of visuals we might be able to assist.

Many of us enjoy the beauty of nature and desire the satisfaction of beautifying our homes and community. We want to help you find your inner gardener and help make a difference by incorporating
native plant landscaping to support wildlife and biodiversity in an  increasingly less predictable world.


A beautiful landscape starts with a solid plan. We believe a landscape design is a combination of art and function. We enjoy creating a vision for outdoor spaces incorporating native and non-invasive plants to create aesthetically pleasing places for people and wildlife.

Whether you are removing invasive plants or exchanging non-native plants from a small residential lot to a large multi-acre restoration site, we would love to help you take your landscape dreams from concept through final completion.