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Balm Grove Dam Removal

Balm Dam After SideView.jpg

Conceptual renderings that show possible views when the dam is removed and restoration continues.

Wapato Lake 

Wapato summer final at bridge.jpg

Using visuals to show how the trail around Wapato Lake could be used for maintenance access as well as creating a spot for the community to access nature.


Butternut Creek 

Greenspace Enhancement

Deline S_Render-compressed.jpg

These final plans are the results of this collaboration and identify opportunities to implement enhancements to the Butternut Creek Tributary and nearby Cross Creek HOA  Greenspace to improve water quality, enhance wildlife habitat, and develop an aesthetically pleasing interactive landscape the community can enjoy for this generation and into the future.

Locey House


This concept plan envisions the Locey property as a working farm to support vital restoration activities for water quality, agriculture, recreation, and wildlife at Wapato Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Landscape Design

Small Yard.png

Visuals are a great communication tool for any project. If you have a project that could benefit from the addition of visuals we might be able to assist.

Showy_Milkweed_ copy.png
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