We are a family owned business committed to care for and preserve our natural environment by providing professional services to homeowners, landowners, government and non-government agencies with restoration projects of all types and sizes.  


Homeowners are increasingly becoming more informed on the benefits and beauty of having native plants in their landscapes and the benefits of nature-scaping over conventional landscapes.  Native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions, soils, nutrient levels, and precipitation patterns. These characteristics translate into decreased water use, reduced use of fertilizer, and an increase in the ability to withstand drought, hot or cold temperatures, and minimal maintenance requirements.  


Also, programs like the Audubon's Backyard Bird Habitat, Xerces - Bring Back the Pollinators, and Salmon Safe encourage landowners to be good stewards and increase the awareness of how landscapes of all sizes impact their local ecosystem.  Native Plantscapes NW, LLC  can help design and install native plants into the landscape maximizing the beauty and benefit for the natural world.


We also provide knowledgeable, reliable, and cost effective habitat restoration services.  These services include weed and invasive species removal, seeding, planting native plants, site maintenance, and project management. 




Endre Elteto
Joni Shaffer-Elteto