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Current Openings.

Crew Leader

At Native Plantscapes NW, we work as a team to restore native forests, prairies, and wetlands in the northern Willamette Valley, install native and non-native plant landscapes for private and public landowners, and grow plants native to the Pacific Northwest. 

NPNW Crew Lead Job Discription

This position has broad and varied responsibilities including Willamette Valley native plant identification, invasive and nonnative plant identification, knowledge of field enhancement and restoration implementation techniques, field safety guidelines, loading vehicles with daily tools needed for project implementation, leading and instructing crew members in the field, and conducting assigned administrative tasks.

Job Duties:

· Frequent travel between project sites in the Portland Metro Area.

· Implementing diverse restoration and enhancement projects under supervision of project manager.

· Giving instructions, providing corrections, and motivating crew members while creating a positive work environment.

· Working under the supervision of project manager to implement and improve data collection, monitoring, surveying and administrative    tracking protocols.

· Teaching crew members common native and non-native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous species as well as their preferred habitats.

· Employing best management practices as directed for controlling non-native plants and directing crew members to efficiently and            appropriately implement those management practices.

· Finding the most efficient and effective way to utilize resources to accomplish assigned tasks.

Skills Requirements

· A minimum of two years of field experience in restoration and enhancement implementation techniques.

· Excellent communication skills and leadership qualities.

· Knowledge of field safety best management practices.

· Knowledge of native plants and local ecology.

· Willingness and ability to learn how to implement mobile data collection apps and programs.

· A current Forest and/or Aquatic herbicide applicator license, knowledge of herbicides commonly used for controlling        invasive species, and experience completing herbicide application forms.

· Ability to regularly perform up to 10 hours of physically demanding and strenuous work per day.

· Good driving record.

Position Breakdown

· 85% Crew management and field work

· 15% Administrative duties as assigned


Hours, Wages and Benefit Packages

A typical work week is Monday through Friday eight hours a day. Start and end times vary due to seasonal project needs and weather conditions.


Wages are based on experience. Generally, entry level is $20.00 per hour, mid-level $22.00 per hour and experienced $24.00 per hour.


Paid leave is accrued annually up to 80 hours per year. In addition, we have six paid holidays each calendar year.


Full time employees are eligible for health benefits after a 60-day probation period. Our current health benefits include medical, dental and vision. The company pays for 50% of the medical benefits and 75% of dental and vision benefits. We also have an FSA program that provides up to $500 per full time employee per year for health expenses.


Please send your resume to Anna Hurtado De Mendoza 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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